What Is The PPR Plastic Pipe

- Dec 24, 2017-

What is the PPR plastic pipe

PPR is a random copolymer polypropylene synthesized by vapor phase method (PP and PE). Its structural feature is that PE molecules are randomly linked to PP molecules with molecular weights ranging from 300 thousand to 800 thousand. The pipe material produced by PPR is also called random copolymerized polypropylene pipe, which is a plastic pipe product developed and applied at the end of the 1980s and early 90s. With its own excellent performance and a wide range of applications, it has occupied a place in the plastic pipe market, and it is recognized as a green environmental protection product. But in recent years, the market operation, the above PPR plastic pipe quality problem analysis, for example, found that PPR pipe market has many problems, these problems to a large extent restricted the PPR pipe's benign development.


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