What Should I Pay Attention To When Buying?

- Jul 18, 2020-

What should I pay attention to when buying?

1. Types of plastic water pipes

Plastic water pipes are classified into UPVC, PPR, PE-RT, etc. according to their materials. Although they are all plastic pipes, each has advantages and disadvantages and scope of application.

If divided by purpose, it can be divided into three types: water supply pipes, drainage pipes, and floor heating pipes. The water supply pipe is a drinking water pipe, which requires environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials and meets human health requirements; the drain pipe has relatively low requirements for pipe materials; the biggest requirement for heating pipes is that they can withstand high temperatures and pressures, without deformation and leakage.

Second, the specifications of plastic water pipes

Different water pipes have different specifications. The commonly used sizes are as follows.

Generally, the length of a single water pipe is 4m or 6m. If you need other lengths, most of them need to be customized. There are many specifications for the outer diameter and wall thickness of the water pipe. PE-RT pipes are mainly used for floor heating pipes, with relatively few outer diameter wall thickness dimensions and specifications; UPVC is mainly used for drainage and sewage pipes, with more dimensions; while PPR pipes have a wide range of applications, so the outer diameter wall thickness specifications are the most. Choose the specifications according to your needs.

Third, the price of plastic water pipes

The production process of water pipes with different raw materials is also different, so the price difference will be relatively large. But it does not mean that expensive is good. Therefore, keep your eyes open when purchasing, choose pipes with qualified materials and workmanship, and after-sales service should also be considered. Including hiring workers in the later stage is a more important link.

However, there are too many types of plastic pipes, and it is easy to fall into misunderstandings when buying. The following misunderstandings need our attention.

One: Pipes of different materials can be mixed

The characteristics and uses of plastic water pipes are different. For example, if UPVC pipes are used as drinking water pipes, our drinking water health will be endangered; or if UPVC and PPR pipes are used for local heating pipes, the water pipes will be deformed and leak; if PPR and PE-RT pipes are used as drains, even if they are used Yes, but the cost will be much higher. Therefore, when purchasing plastic water pipes, purchase them according to their purpose.

Two: Connection method of different material pipes

Different plastic water pipes have different connections. UPVC pipes and pipe fittings are glued together; PPR pipes and pipe fittings need to be connected by hot-melt technology, and pipes of the same material can be completely integrated; PE-RT pipes can also be based on pipe diameters in addition to hot-melt technology Use electrofusion or mechanical connection. So pay attention to these when buying.

Three: Plastic pipes can be purchased online and installed by themselves

The process of connecting water pipes seems to us very simple, so some users may want to buy water pipes online and install them at home. But in fact, water pipe connection is also a technical task, and the installation master needs many years of experience to install it more firmly. If the installation process is not good, even the best pipe is wasted. In addition, after the installation of the water pipes, there will be pressure test, and the placement must be arranged in advance, so find a large-scale physical store to buy, and find a professional hydraulic, in order to enjoy high-quality experience and after-sales service.

Four: The water supply pipe installation is complete without pressure test

The completion of the pressure test of the water pipe installation is an indispensable link. It is impossible to judge whether there is water leakage at the water pipe connection by naked eyes. Use a professional pressure tester to perform a long-term pressure test, and judge the sealing performance of the water pipe by how much the pipe pressure drops. Reliable way.