Which Color Of The PPR Tube Is The Most Environmentally Friendly? White Or Green?

- Jan 30, 2018-

    Many people say that white PPR pipe is the most environmentally friendly, gray toxic, others say belongs to the regeneration tube gray, the general people inside decoration are reluctant to use, but I want to say is that no matter what color is the appearance of the PPR tube, there is poison in it depends on the intrinsic quality.

    The information that the raw materials of the PPR tube is colorless and transparent, is not with any color, now on the market to sell a variety of colors of the PPR tube are some businesses in order to enhance the method of selling to them, in the pipe with the color agent of different colors, anyway, with the quality of pipe it does not have any relationship.

    Now some people say that the gray tube is a regenerative tube that can't be used. In fact, there is no scientific basis. The quality of the pipe can not be determined by its color. Many of them are sources of a regeneration tube, color is more chaotic, so the manufacturer will generally increase the amount of color agent, use color to cover this appearance, regenerate the black and gray color more, but we can not conclude that as long as it is black and grey PPR tube must be regenerated tube.

    It is also said that white PPR tube translucent and easy to breed bacteria. In fact, this idea is wrong. If this is true, how many people at home are using this kind of tube that is easy to breed bacteria. General home PPR tube is concealed, all the year round to see the sunlight, so there would be no light bacteria problem, these can let us once rejected all of the PPR tube, a lot of businesses in order to dispel the concerns of consumers, in the internal white PPR tube, then PPR double color tube and PPR plastic pipe.