Why Does PPR Have Great Potential In The National Market?

- Jan 27, 2018-

According to the analysis of China's industrial research institute, the opening of construction work will increase in China at that time, and the demand for pipe materials is still increasing. In China, the application of plastic pipes in various aspects is constantly improving, and the demand for plastic pipes is constantly moving. The new type of pipe material is a serious new driving demand for pipe work.

The PPR tube not only has the characteristics of small weight, corrosion resistance, hard scaling and long application time, but also other primary features such as:

1. The device is brief and connected. PPR also has excellent welding function, which can be welded with hot melt and electric welding, and its connection has some strength more than its hardness.

2. PPR waste can also be recycled.

3. Its application time is long. PPR pipe in working temperature 70 ℃, pressure (P.N) 1. OMPa condition, can use at least 50 years; In the case of a temperature of 20 ℃ can be used at least more than 100 years.

4. PPR's material molecules contain only carbon and hydrogen elements. There are no harmful and poisonous substances in them, which can be used in cold and hot water pipes and pure drinking water system.

5. This material can be insulated and energy-saving. The thermal conductivity of PPR tube is 0.21w/mk, which is about 1/200 of the steel pipe.

Excellent heat resistance. PPR pipe vicat softening point of 131.5 ℃. The highest working temperature is 95 ℃, can arrive at the use of hot water system in building water supply and drainage standard standard.


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