Why Is PPR Pipe Fittings So Hot?

- Aug 23, 2017-

Why is PPR pipe fittings so hot?

PPR what are some of the characteristics of the plumbing in addition to sanitation, innocuity and harmlessness? PPR water supply pipe for building new life water supply pipe, the pipe resistance is small and will not scale; the environment temperature is 20 degrees, the density is 0.89g/cm3~0.91g/cm3, the weight is only 1/9 of the steel pipe, copper tube of 1/10, because of the light weight, can greatly reduce the strength of the construction workers; and good heat resistance of PPR pipe good: instant use temperature can reach 95 degrees, used for a long time, when the working pressure is greater than 1.0MPa, the water temperature can reach 70 degrees, can meet the general needs of life and production of hot water supply, hot water pipe is a kind of ideal.

What other features do you think PPR, pipe, fittings have?