Why Use PP Pipes As Domestic Water Pipes

- May 23, 2020-

Why use PP pipes as domestic water pipes

PPR pipe is a new type of pipe with good corrosion resistance and pressure resistance, and the big feature of this pp pipe is safety and hygiene. The pp pipe has no harmful smell and is a safe material that can be recycled.

 As a pipe for domestic water, it is also important for sanitation. The originally used metal water pipes have a large impact on the quality of domestic water due to corrosion resistance, poor corrosion performance, and long-term accumulation of scale. Because of this, metal water pipes are gradually being replaced by ppr pipes. It is safe to say that the water pipes used in house construction are all ppr pipes. Ppr pipes are a type of pp pipes, and ppr pipes are used as domestic water pipes. There is no need to worry about being corroded. The inner wall of the pipe is smooth and flat, which is conducive to the passage of fluid and does not produce scale. And the ability to withstand high and low temperatures is also very good, although the ppr tube may also be frozen and cracked, but it is still safe to use at low temperatures not exceeding -20 ℃, and the high temperature working environment is very safe as long as it does not exceed 70 ℃. , As a domestic water pipe is more than enough. In addition, the service life of the ppr tube is very long. When used under normal conditions, there is basically no need to worry about the need to replace it. However, it is worth noting that the ppr tube is a type of plastic tube after all. The strength and surface hardness of the ppr tube are definitely not as good as metal pipes. Hard, so pay more attention to handling during handling, transportation and installation.