Pn25 Ppr Fitting

Pn25 Ppr Fitting

china pn25 ppr fitting
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green color pn25 ppr fitting china supplier &  manufacturer  : 

Product introduction:

1. Healthy, bacteriological neutral, conforming to drinking water standards;

2. Resistant to high temperatures, good impact strength;

3. Convenient and reliable installation, low construction expenses;4. Excellent heat-insulation property from conductivity;

5. Lightweight, convenient to transport and handle, good for labor-saving;

6. Smooth inner walls reduce pressure loss and increase flow speed;

7. Sound insulation (reduced by 40% compared to galvanized steel pipes);

8. Light colors and excellent design ensure suitability for both exposed and hidden installation;

9. Recyclable, environment-friendly, accords with GBM standards.

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