90mm Hdpe Roll Pipe

90mm Hdpe Roll Pipe

hdpe pipe supplier 20mm-500mm for drinking water/drainage/irrigation
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    Large diameter hdpe pipe20mm-500mm hdpe pipePE100 virgin materials pipe

HDPE pipe is widely used in the field of municipal drinking water transportation, sewerage and drainage, 

distribution and slurry transportation, dredging, industrial, mining, agricultural irrigation, telecom, gas transportation etc. 

HDPE pipe is nontoxic, corrosion resistant, UV-resistant, flexible, durable, high impact strength, no leakage, high flow capacity, convenient for constuction and istallation.

The way of connection can be butt fusion, socket fusion, electrofusion, flange connection , compresion connection ect.

We can supply all fittings needed for our HDPE pipes.

We can produce HDPE pipes with the sizes from DN16 to DN1600mm with working pressure from sdr41 to sdr7.4.

Namechina supplier HDPE roll pipe
MaterialPE100 virgin
DN range20mm to 1200mm(3/4 inch to 47 1/4 inches)
PN rangeSDR26(PN6),SDR21(PN8),SDR17(PN10),SDR13.6(PN12,5) SDR11(PN16)
StandardGB/T 13663-2000  / ISO4427
ColorBlack pipe+ blue strip
ConnectionHeat fusion,butt fusion,socket fusion,fittings offered.
ApplicationWater delivery and cable pretection
Carbon content2.25±0.25%
MFR(190℃,5kg),g/10minThe deviation from the nominal value of the product shall not exceed ±25%
Longitudinal reversion≤3%
Roughness of pipe0.22-0.47μm
Linear expansionary(m/℃.m)0.15mm/m℃
Working temperature-60-60℃
PrintFollow the standard
Packing5.8m/11.8m/50m/100m/150m/200m nest packing

Main features

Low Flow Resistance: smooth inner wall and low friction result in low flow resistance and high volume.

Excellent Flexibility: can be coiled.

Easy Installation: light weight and can be carried and installed easily.

Non-toxic: no heavy metal additives, no dirt, no secondary pollution caused by bacterium.

Corrosion Resistant: resist chemical mediator corrosion and electron chemical corrosion.

Long service life: more than 50 years buried underground and under pressure use.

Various connection type: butt fusion joint, electro fusion joint.

Recycled and Environment-friendly.

20mm-75mm Can be packed in roll.100m-200m/roll 

Any need Please no doubt to connect us 

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