Plumbing Materials Water Supply Ppr Pipe

Plumbing Materials Water Supply Ppr Pipe

plumbing materials water supply ppr pipe
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Plumbing materials ppr pipe for water supply 

ppr Polypropylene Pipe

ppr pipe size list : 

ppr pipe size list

the ppr pipe characteristic : 

1.Light weight ,conveniently to be transported and handled.

2.High pressure resistance

3.Hige temprature resistance.

4.Corrosion resistance. .

5.Good Sound insulation.

6.Good heat preservation.

7.Hygienic, harmless and  potable water installations.

8. Recyclable,environment friendly.

9. Healthy and non-toxic, bacterial neutral, conforming to drinking water standards.

10. Low construction expense due to easy and reliable installation.

11. Suitable for both exposed and hidden installation.

12. Long serviceable life of at least 50 years under the normal conditions after testing


High Quality China Factory Pn25 Plumbing Fittings

1. Cut pipe perpendicularly by scissors or professional devices.

2. Check the cleanliness at the end of pipe and acessories need to be welded.

3. Mark the depth to connect pipe with accessories.

4. Melt pipe accessories at the depth marked by welding machine.

5. Wait until time reached, connect all parts together.

Ppr pipe application :

1. Cold and hot water system for civil and industrial construction

2. Pure water system of directly drinking

3. Heat supply system in building

4. Installed and used in transportation means

5. Other pipes for industry and agriculture

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