Ppr Pipe Fittings Reducing Socket Elbow Tee Cap Union Bend Flange Ppr Pipe And All Type Of Pipe Fittings

Ppr Pipe Fittings Reducing Socket Elbow Tee Cap Union Bend Flange Ppr Pipe And All Type Of Pipe Fittings

White PPR pipe & fittings water pipe PN25 / PPR Water Conduit Quick details: Products name: PPR water pipes Application: For cold and hot water supplying system Pressure: PN10 PN16 PN25.
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PPR pipe fittings used in PPR hot or cold water system and used with ppr pipe, to connect, control, diversion, diversion, sealing and supporting functions, according to the different processing technology, divided into four categories, namely butt welding tube (with and without two kinds of weld seam), socket welding and threaded pipe fittings, flanges.

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PPR reducing socket 25


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 PP (polypropylene) is widely used in the industry of plastic raw materials, PPR pipe ang ppr pipe fitting are the third generation of polypropylene polymerization products, but also the origin of three types of random copolymer polypropylene. As the third generation of polypropylene products and the previous two generations of products has obvious superiority, is currently the most used in household project a water supply pipeline.

Production user


1.)the building's hot and cold water system, including central heating system;

2.) Building heating systems, including floors, panels and radiant heating systems;

3.)Pure water supply system for direct drinking;

4.)entral (centralized) air conditioning system;



1.)Non-toxic and hygienic.

2.)Thermal insulation and energy saving

3.)Better heat resistance

4.)Long life.

5.)Easy installation and reliable connection

6.)High temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, excellent corrosion resistance

7.)Pretty good flame retardancy


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